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kisses of fire Date: May 2nd @ 3:08pm EDT
I'll decide
This is the time
I will come banging on your door.
you will live
A city of noctilucae
In my belly
Wait habitation
Build me a less coherent sky
I'm your fallen angel
No one will know who we are
Some gargoyles morbid
Depending on their high bed
The symbiosis of love by love
It will free our souls
I'll decide
With my splendid vocation
Inventing springs in your mouth,
Spell shadows on your chest,
Tangle in my youth you need to be ,
Tying my fingers with yours ,
Hop as pleased filly .
No one will know what I do in your arms
Prelude to the fall of summer
Quietly ofrendarte my garden splendor.
you will hear
Someone knocks on your door ..

Kisses of fire , bated breath
wishes haunted lips
looking urgently libar
the burning lips of honey .
A man, a woman, thirsty dance
modesty skin, the bowels moans
one brave hurricane progresses majestic
closer touch, flapping soul.
A flirtation crazy, craving , hauntingly beautiful
sublimity , miracle , wildness
hot sweat , greed, reverence , delight
ecstasy of love , kisses of fire.

I would say yes , as a silent movie
scream yes with my gestures
my skin
with my eyes
with all the scents and moods and dampness .
I would say yes , my love , and I would cheat .
Because there would be a dream .
There, between your sheets
my skin my hungry female odor
ondularía thirsty honey your love
and you would not wake
for ever, for ever
me making love
as in dreams .
delusions! Date: May 2nd @ 3:03pm EDT
Bite your lips ,
And I hope you give me
the words appease my wounds ,
or silence me sink in hell my sorrows ,
Those lips of yours I'm lost in the desire ....
Heaven and hell
my sin
fire in which I burn .
Is your tongue the snake that wraps me
In its infinite poison ,
The showing me his soul and hides
Under the remotest recesses of a single word
Condemning me or revives me .

Slow, soft, like the caress
Undressing moon
Slow your mouth through my body
Soft cadence , Throb Of your body
Mild skin path as we walk together ...
Rough as our disagreements
But always end up at the same sky .

When I caress your skin,
And kiss the fold
They hide where your secrets .
I get lost in the glory
Brackish sweat
Our bodies.
It is in secret ceremony
From our nakedness ,
who would drink up the night
And stop time.
The sublime moment ...
that for a moment.
The words get stuck on the lips,
And they can only return sounds of desire.

Your scent is the compass
That makes me navigate in your body ..
My fingers are gliding brush on the canvas.
Infants of my sex ,
The obscene intoxication of desire ...
overwhelmed Passion
Burn the sky.
Beam grows
universes giving birth ..
Notes slide down my belly
wet the verse.

solitudes perfect woman
spilled from orgasms
kissing torn contractions of pleasure
silent agony of love
perfect silhouette capricious desires .
sweet perversion.. Date: May 2nd @ 3:00pm EDT
I'm naked in front of mirror
And her hair detangling desire
Sweet perversion of sleepless eyes
prisoner of my legs ..
The back of the night
opens like my sex.
Wreck of caresses
Wet tremor,
Fleeting halite
Which precipitates
Burning like fire.
fever Date: Apr 29th @ 1:38pm EDT
The fire of your fingers through me
tallándome the body,
the skin crawls and shrinks
shaking inside .

Chisel you put your hand
firm and serene,
my waist and hip claim
you get ready .

But you savoring delays
what I leave in your mouth ,
brackish water with honey
and you punish me with time.

Do not adormezcas now
do not delay , come within
I want to be one,
I want to ride your dream.

The more you desire your touch is when my hours are calm
When there is silence
If I'm in my sheets I want to feel them
It's like feeling your touch
The only friction causes me , turn me on
I mess them thinking you travel I
I let myself stroking
But I feel the softness and I do not these ...
When I discover that you are not there , I bring to my mind
So I feel your heat closer to my body , always awaits you .
I walk with the tips of your fingers , you pincelas me with the back of your palm.
In every kiss I feel your lips on fire
Your hands are lost where I do not see . What matters to see them? I close my eyes ... I feel you ...

How can you stick me your eyes
that speaks to me without a word,
undressing the recesses of my soul ,
I steal your breath and calm.

How can you and close my eyes
while whispering what do you love me
now if I get lost in this joy
and still want more from me tomorrow.

How can you be so mine in the depths ,
how I can be as yours no return
shower! Date: Apr 29th @ 1:30pm EDT
So in the shower I soaped my body
foam and shampoo in my hair flowed
soft bubbles born dying in my breasts
seems that died after giving me a kiss.

I always remember coming up to me and
when the foam was wearing my body
Silk and hands made ​​merry
bubble bath that was wild and new.

So under the shower in the heat of the fire
born of the passionate fire of desire
perhaps because the water mixed with your kisses
maybe because our bodies were shaking so close together .

Standing under the shower dancing the waltz tender
waltz that grows wings to the beat of your time
the steps of mixing the beautiful and the natural
which makes us one , and we fly that far.

So the shower we raise our flight
our bodies trembled with love and desire
maybe my first time and I confess it was
they also learned to fly off the bed.

In love love when everything becomes beautiful
Always after love , love, so I think
and is that love is the true love you
which are given souls and the bodies are given .

The truth ... the truth ...
you look at me and everything around me disappears ...
I am flying through the paths of your skin ...
I speak and your words are stroking ...
nor do I know what you mean ...
but me so restless ...
seeming to walk on clouds ...
I feel full of laughter ...
my hands sweat ...
I tremble ...
all alone ...
I look and I love your eyes ...
well ...
Also consider your lips ...
and my imagination fly while I leave you smiling ...
imagine Date: Apr 29th @ 1:11pm EDT
I keep falling into you while you sink into my body , I want to circumvent my kisses soak touch, reborn with the moon embracing the sun without fear of love, the stench of a heart asleep calcining feelings trying to live for today , breathing is controlled , absorbed feelings , opening the doors to mere
pleasure, warm connection , wet, festering mouths kissing the sublime door hedonism without cynicism masturbating by your smell.

I imagine impatient
By having me by your side
For flatter my smile
By taste my lips.

I built for my
And when I watch you desire
Your eyes sink in my
Clavas in my Sex .

Clavas your love in my
Pure water , cool river
Bathing my skin smooth
Moisturizing my entire body.

I guess inquiring
Between each mole that I have
And without asking naming
For you the most perfect.

You suddenly perceive
Like leaves in the wind
Gently releasing
The knot in my hair.

Learn from your follies
As if it were a game
And you're blindly seeking
The love that I give .

And I see immaculate
Immersed in thoughts
They are so full of myself
As your own dreams .

So I have imagined
Because that's how you want it
The day I found you
I 'll be you
From the way you think.

I feel your strong hands
perching on my white doves,
caressing my skin soft velvet which
and your breath on my face that burns me ,
Drinking down greedily my kisses .
Look at me Date: Apr 21st @ 5:35pm EDT
your lips say my body was on strike and not starve if deceo not feel your hands roam my body inch by inch as I melt it standing or lying down and remain as an ice cream in one place all the scattered tenderness of your lips makes me feel a sense nothing more and less known as a seduction your body with mine is combierta a new revelation every corner of cries and says this Seducion delicious .

Look at me ... With your eyes of passion , look at me and intentame eat , look at me with your eyes black as the universe continues mandadome your naughty cariitas with that cute sonrisiita mordisquiando your lips ... Suigeme seducing ... that beautiful night beautiful moon woman who seduces me with sweetness , without thinking two veses you 'll eat a thousand kisses, perdere me in your black eyes , and beautiful in your red lips.

You could observe and deduce your desire for me ... but your fear was stronger than the desire to induce passion seduce you and ask loudly you kiss me and I respond with the same passion enveloped in a sea of ​​fear win indecisions , the fear that binds you to be yours and your mine and merge into a sea of ​​love and arousal , tenderness and seduction .
come with me! Date: Apr 20th @ 4:05pm EDT
Come, I'm naked , and I hope
with my body wet with sweat,
desire and longing to the surface
want to miss it ;
I hope in this bed
eager to have you,
feel anxious
to have you in my arms ;
I want my body feverishly
're screaming my desire ,
my body is ready and willing
so that when you arrive ;
run my hands over my skin
As I want to feel ,
I want to get here
at this very moment ;
see, my privacy awaits
open like a flower,
and dewy
and ready for love;
my breasts as volcanoes
are ready to burst,
I want to quench your mouth
your hands come to the calm ;
I 'm ready for you
see , I wait anxiously
naked, ready and willing
you want to send ...

Let a prelude
a sensual prelude
which confuse the caresses
and kisses in a ritual ;
touch me slowly
touch me with skill ,
start in bed
and end on the table ;
give me your overflowing cup
passion and kisses ,
touch me accurately
give me a good blow ;
fill me with your passion
flood me with your kisses ,
Give me a thousand slow strokes
take a stroll on my body ;
touch me , touch me , feel me ,
fill me with your passion,
Give me passion dropwise
have you mad at me again ;
Treat Me want to feel you in my
I want to feel the fullness
to be loved to the end
dominates with your body
dominates with your passion
one fusionémonos
only can a heart ...
let me feel your hands! Date: Apr 20th @ 3:42pm EDT
Let me feel your hands
running through the meadow of my skin
releasing butterflies
I produce pleasure;
flood me your passion
Make me your ordeal Dam
give me the passion I search
give me what I do not know
I want you to ride on
you make me mourn for pleasure
I really want to know
making it feel like a woman;
not think I have not dreamed
I wish I have more quiet
I've looked in silence
silent and I have dreamed;
but it is time to be yours
come give me much pleasure,
teach me the game of passion
to lose you;
say that sex is sin
then we sin both,
we are two beasts in heat
pleasure that flooded the senses;
I want to feel my pulse in
deep inside my body
want it to be wild
sensual and very clever;
I want to feel your sweat
and hear your moans mouth
and I want the end I only hear
heart beats ...

I still remember when your impatient fingers played with the buttons on my chest , causing a burst of moisture in the warm and fiery place of my privacy .

And when your restless hands pigeons descended the garden of desire, seeking your mouth honey drink that little ocean where your lips and tongue were lost anxious to stifle your inner strength , sinking in waves of pleasure and moans of passion , dying slowly , skin to skin , into the eternal embrace of love ...
Every inch of my skin. Date: Apr 20th @ 3:31pm EDT
You are my sexual perversion
what makes me day by day to you desire
what makes me feel excited
what I love so passionately;
I want to feel your hands touching me
I make thousands of strokes,
I want you to kiss me hard
I want you to love me until you die;
ah ... the dream with your body
naked and bathed in sweat,
Bare your masculinity
and ready for love;
I feel deep inside me
I want to feel vibrate
see your face distorted with pleasure
and want to see you scream with pleasure;
kissing every inch of my skin
senderas get lost in my body,
Take me with laxity, slowly,
have time to love;
displays all your charms
make me wish again
and love me again hard
sway me with much pleasure ...

How much you make me enjoy
each of your kisses,
your lewd movements
with your fingers and restless ;
As you make me feel
get your hand to heaven ,
lose my mind when I possess
I do not want more than that ;
I want to feel your passion
your restless movements
cypress want me hard
and you give me lots of sex ;
I want to lose my head
amandote , feeling , hearing you
I want to hear the cries
passion leads you ;
I want our sweat is a river
to flood our bedroom ,
you drink with me ecstasy
from this cup that is poured out ;
give me a little more about you
let me bite your lips ,
we go together to paradise
and that you and I we sin ...
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