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in my moans Date: Apr 9th @ 6:01pm EDT
In your love I found my paradise
the dream I'd ever dreamed of.
My body has heard your call
and surrenders to you, all submissive

For always there in your arms I spotted .
Your breath is joined mine
caresses your hands have filled me
why I need your touch

Never let me vanish
the scent of you, of your perfume
that intoxicates my senses every night

I love our bedroom , which is assumed
my body is consumed in yours
as there are calls in your kisses on.

Your fiery eyes seduce me
calls me by my name, cornered me
also makes me sweat and slips
in the same sin that leads me

Your way of looking only translates
my desire that grooms you .
Indiscreta ! But it gives me more
and all over my skin , introduced me

The way you look at me not flatter me
yet without it there could
hide me time annulling

I ask you please ... I disguises !
That in the shadows and into the light of day
a penetrating look ... I ejaculate !

As wild ponies
We do love
thousand ways
sigh atop the stars
endlessly illuminating
our moments

Coupled we soul and body
the border
Our unique universe
your skin and mine echo
emanating Heart
the beats

It is both fire we feel
Sliding your sweat ...
in my moans !

my body
contact your kisses

What is your formula
sorcerer bum ?
What is your magic?

On nights
I sleep ecstatic
in your arms
and suddenly I wake
Lost ... in galaxies !
my body is your route! Date: Apr 7th @ 5:30pm EDT
You cover my body with kisses .
Your flesh longs my skin.
My battle with you is melee .
You are not my enemy.
You're my fallen angel and rendered
at my feet .......
Excite me with your moans .
They want to be turned off , but
you can not.
Every time they are longer .......
Deep is the beautiful forest where you
you want to play .
Is inexhaustible strength ..
Intoxicate me with your hot ...... Ron
You, my sparkling wine you choose to drink you
without arriving at far more glorious ecstasy
giving me the seed .

In your love I found my paradise
sleep he had ever dreamed .
My body has heard your call
and surrenders to you, all submissive

For always there in your arms I spotted .
Your breath is joined mine
caresses your hands have filled me
why I need your touch

Never let me vanish
the scent of you, of your perfume
that intoxicates my senses every night

I love our bedroom , which is assumed
my body is consumed in yours
as there are calls in your kisses on.

My body is your route
as you travel
with caresses and kisses
I am the fire crying in your coals.
Your wish ...was found involved in my nest!

The arrival of nights
you excited
because I 'm not that shadow that day
in the footsteps of other shadows
runs riot
forgetting that your shadow is mine alone

When the sky
not fit you more stars
the bed of pleasure
you me taladras
and then begin to shape you
my tongue
my skin
and my groaning .

At night my love ...
I am your clay !
adhered to your body Date: Apr 7th @ 5:20pm EDT
Adhered to your body, mildly tapered ,
I feel the whisper of your warm and rhythmic breathing.
A musical halito fades light ...
fires to the rhythm of the saxophone. ..
An old piano drums flying pigeons
are wings , hands and stroking mine
which intoxicating wine .
I can feel your excitement growing among
my legs ...
Hidden violins , my hairs are strings
you touch prodigious .
Carved into the joy that sculpts the desire ...
The rhythm of the notes, the floor staff,
love two bodies form a unity
harmonic vertical sex.
Dilute the world ... vanishes between musical breeze,
nobody there , there is nothing , just you and me
biting our names.

Motionless on the cold sand
the language of the sea,
naked without shame
the burning shores of a dream.

The waves pass over the groan silence
Smelling skin without closing
the pressing sweat
your beaches
 my dunes
geography in sensual find us together,
the urgency of all mysteries.

bare feet
naked thighs ,
Traces of your steps
melt in mine
are lost ,
last beyond doubt.
Your body and my body
burned by the fire
furtive shadows of ancient solitudes ...
moans of salt
 foam caresses .
No one else,
except that silent night
granted .
 sea ​​and moon
under a chorus of stars and now
an overdue embrace forward a century ago
and a bonfire of burning kisses.

A flight of lips
mouths holding breath ...
An army of fingers
in the endless battle to feel ...
Shootings of pleasure on my erect nipples
an explosion of lust
in the deep trenches of your back
And your hands
Ay God!
those hands
following the wet trail of my belly
and my hands they die
so anxious
to reach the top of the lighthouse
and take
you take me , without compasses
just the light of your eyes
towards violent tide of desire.

Dolphin blue oceans
Sex and dive profiles ,
in coral red of my sex
inner horizon
crop fields ,
despejándonos storm heaven .
Your body and my body
Unexplored surf ocean currents ;
they will miss
 sea ​​and moon
in white seed in the morning.

The darkness of this dream is no longer enough ...

Give me a moment
maybe you exist ,
exhale my passion and surprised
I am goddess rendered... Date: Apr 7th @ 4:57pm EDT
I am ... I see ... I feel ...
I am goddess rendered
when you are between my legs,
I am Tempest
chain attached to your hip,
but wine is not your blod that
drink from my cup .
I am called sunk in the bed of your fire
and I lose ...
see the attached spring in my hair,
see swans on the bottom of my cup,
see meadows, dancing nymphs
and caress our bodies ...
I feel your slow steps
sinking in my thick ,
stealing my moans ...
My mouth has moistened the minutes
to travel to the country of your soul, the concert
of your dreams ...
Saved it for you in my trunk : desires ,
cravings , dreams , magic and fantasy.

As they discover a territory and makes it his own ,
which flag hoisted up heavy fire between my knees ,
crescent moon is up to my belly dance
all the springing slope honeysuckle saved.
! Mysterious fire That is called looking at you !
ardídos universes explode ...
tamed the heart from the chest fauses groans ,
you ... you who redeems every little death
when your name crying .

With the excitement of who opens a beautiful present
I was removing every piece of your clothes , while each part ...
your exposed skin is brought under the control of the buds
my fingers and my mouth ...
Green glare into your retinas left the arrogance
begging comfort ...
Fire in mirror, hugging turbulent waters of
hidden springs, honey ineffable way.
In a jungle cat moans turned space
flooded with sweat scented beasts in heat.
I incredulous blink of an eyelid ... not a dream
I'm here undressing your skin , opening the chest of desire ...
way ticket to the galaxy of pleasure ... There dwell ...
Under skin Date: Apr 7th @ 4:48pm EDT
Something is moving under my feet
and I begin to boil veins
nourishes while its thick hormones adrenaline
to see his step as the heart rate is gradually warming ,
It is endiablando ...
This simple avatar of nature
Swarming corruption under the incessant clash of hips
While the rustle of the sheets sapient

VA entangled to rebuild a life in dignity ...
But there is a real inefficiency , these bites are clumsily trying to hard to reach condensed fleshy lips , warmly on those tender sighs ...
sinister role playing violent exhaling air as trivial vibrations.

If these are the skins bristling by the hermit route such perspiration dripping dump
magical as that painter delineates all with your perfect stroke
Paraque look left exact , fixed equilibrium
To see if I get it .

To destroy me feel accomplished at times.

To tie my belly into his arms.

And my nerve signals traveling on each of your inches
See if you dream you are under delicious effects
And do not get rid of all consige
Since the poem , I caused a tremor end
And their visors liquid let it through.

But now ...
Vasto silence garnished with a deep exhalation
For your sticky fingers
Embrace my neck
and burning to lean against mine ...
their hungry eyes looked at me
I stay there ...

The urgency, the ignorance , possession
The tenderness , smell , beauty
The force , the need , the strength
The sensuality , tenderness , hosting
Penetrate , finish , forget
Receiving, imagine, dream
Hands, push the body
The eyes , mouth , craving
Satisfaction , satiety , forgetfulness
The fullness , the intoxication , the destination ...
Dreaming Date: Apr 7th @ 4:33pm EDT
Dreaming ...
until the day announced his
Vertigo sullen solitudes that night
salivating spells lashed in crystals
hundreds of stars accomplices
imprison the secret of a face
that was transfigured indomitable heartbeat
in a torrent of irradiation.
Dreaming ...
And what!
if the night has always been
accomplice fatigue seduction ,
hurt so many kisses stolen after consulting
never dawned sweet rubbing
Lips love playing .
Dreaming ...
With clever abyss of delirium
that pulsating and wet lashes
in the bowels that awesome
they are undressing woman in bloom,
fiber hell wearing stolen flashes
the sky god , yagrumo flower .
Dreaming ...
it may be panting afrodita
burning ardor and nuanced burst swarming
imagination feverish delirium
screaming flashes her red torment
the cry of love ...
dream ...
with lips that taste like strawberry elixir ,
sweet dew of the dawn , her mouth,
supports my crazy honey lust
and retains its perfume I prey.
Dreaming ...
look your radiant raspberry
illuminates my mocha skin color,
I embrace the fire of his rock flower
and its unhurt Lit my soul reborn .
Envision their fragrance in the mirror,
outline your figure and imagine
as the noble product of reflection
Mind in a crystal box
make it to your taste with wit ,
trapped in her pilgrim face.

You're my fallen angel and rendered
at my feet .......
Excite me with your moans .
They want to be turned off , but
you can not.
Every time they are longer .......
Deep is the beautiful forest where you
you want to play .
Intensity is inexhaustible .
My insides are boiling bubbling .
Intoxicate me with your hot ...... Ron
You, my sparkling wine you choose to drink you
without arriving at far more glorious ecstasy
giving me the seed .
Dark nigth Date: Apr 7th @ 4:26pm EDT
When night hugging my world, I close my eyes and immerse myself
in the dark oceans of my thoughts.

blindly way chasing the trail of one of your sighs ,
perhaps the footprint of your intimate smell , your taste.

Cat stalking a flickering light , a track,
perhaps a blade of your dream ...
a forgotten memory ...

Stoke my wandering delirium ,
the memory of your kisses,
the taste of your tongue ,
your skin vibrant bristling pleasure
your tender gaze lost in the whirlwind of your orgasm ...

Your belly hugging mine,
clinging to a leakage time
lukewarmness creating links ...

Are anchored in my ear again
your moans uncontrolled ,
irreverent and free.
And although I keep their mark ,
I always end up lost ,
deep in my deepest and black solitude ,
crouched , sobbing ,
lost in the gray grass of my night ...
Eternal Night ,
infinite ...
 Hope ... and your light.

Your tongue embracing mine
tangled your taste in mine,
tangled your soul with mine
warm your heart squeezing mine ...

I open my eyes with a start ...
footprint and your body does not distress my bed ...
Leaves the scene a delicious smell ...
Your image is deshebra hasty in my fingers ... distressed
and icy scimitar your absence sinks
wildly in my chest ,

The dark night wears black ,
hugs me and my sobs disguises ...
Hidden devoutly my only cry ;
Love conjugated infinite and forever ...

Abandoning this daily ritual ,
only I manage to mumble ;
I miss you so much , please come !
someone tell me this! Date: Apr 6th @ 12:18pm EDT
In my two short decades it has come to my attention that faced with inclement weather men, some men, are inclined to loiter in doorways, smoking and brooding. It is as if as the first few drops began to fall they leapt from wherever they were seated and lit-up, declaring to their wives and girlfriends that they were off to involve themselves in some man business out of doors, only to be halted by the rain they'd thus far pretended not to see.

Some men of course go further, leaving the house and heading away down the garden to their shed, banging nails and sawing things with no apparent agenda, just enjoying the solitude with fair certainty that the women folk won't follow them through the wet to the drafty, spidery, shed. If I'm honest I'm pretty much just talking about my own father now.

Of course there is yet a third party of men: those who take the opportunity afforded by rain to make an exhibition of themselves by becoming involved in manual labour, chopping wood, digging a hole or some such with apparent disregard to their increasingly damp state.

If I must align myself with one of these categories I suppose that I belong to the third by default as I am neither a smoker nor am I inclined to linger anywhere. However, I don't think I'm normal, I don't think most people are normal, but in addition I think I'm probably less normal.

It is said that with age comes wisdom, I could point you to a few examples that directly contradict such claims, but if there is one truth that age realises it is that short of some brain trauma one cannot avoid accumulating knowledge. It is impossible not to pick up scraps of information as one progresses along life's path, but that is not to say that one is necessarily capable of processing or utilising said information.

As my years have wandered onwards the observation of my youth has led me to the conclusion that a great many men employed, or not, out of doors as a result of the rain, means a great number of women left alone indoors. And it is here that my mind began to float away.

Imagine an apartment building, perhaps two-hundred domiciles, half of which are inhabited by couples. An afternoon thunderstorm brings a crowd of men to stand despondent in the foyer. Perhaps some go further and tinker with their cars, taking turns to tut and blow smoke as they inspect engines that may or may not have faults.
the beach (part 2) Date: Mar 26th @ 8:32pm EDT
I have the pleasure boiling shell when he decides to go down and kiss my lips close to his. First a soft lick from bottom to top , stops at my lust button and playing with pinceleando as a canvas, I nail the nails in the sand , I bite my lips and start to complain as dying . Then slowly lower to find the entrance of the pussy and inserts his tongue on my pussy sighing his breath becomes warm ... My legs shake and my chest and face are red , blushing . A delicious tingle down my waist and hips carrying all the pleasure to every corner of my body. - you are draining ! says Ivan. And ambitious return to the source of pleasure that I can no longer triggered and one movement will tangle my legs at the hip to hold of his prominent masculinity. In an instant connect my pussy with his penis causing a sensual smacking my exudative lubrication; was bobbing and twisting in my like a girl splashing with each thrust my tits bounced revolcadas sand . With all its power Iván me up on your waist and your knees keeps me connected to it, gravity does its thing and getting stronger let me down on his cock. Until that turns my neck and lets out a cry of pleasure generous . Spit in my full power and begins to release his body. Slowly I lies on the sand and pulled aside. So we stayed until the waves touch our feet.
sweat Date: Mar 20th @ 3:09pm EDT
I caress you every space , every corner ,
each fold of my body and of my being ,
of the most remote and hidden ,
low for my body to see bristling
beautiful in my pubis , that my eager jungle
of desire and pleasure, but your delicate fingers ,
how beautiful infinite love dance move,
I removed the sense and excites me ,
I melt like burning pleasure
in your arms and that excites me .

Your body still damp with sweat ,
yet he was unable to control ,
those wonderful waves of passion,
are so passionate that orgasms are :
continuing your body feels and
reaching lose consciousness ,
that's when your juicy
delectable sweet fluid
mingled with mine,
Directions to make ecstasy and
our bodies were thus united and
ecstatic pleasure and desire, to be :
lying on the bed wet

My eyes looked and felt yours ,
in my heart as if I were asked ,
penetrates inside my body and my love
I feel that my being is how volcano
erupting to bust leaving ,
release their fiery and hot lava.

I want you to accompany me to love ,
draw that beautiful shore road
that your path leads to your love,
order to spread my seed
in that sweet , moist and fertile sand ,
from your body where love emerges and
so it can germinate in a warm, fiery and
calm spring where your water
emanate deep and gentle .
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