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reality Date: Mar 14th @ 11:46am EDT
The truth of this body
my deepest truth.

I invade,
I catch him,
to feel his flesh
prolonged in mine,
integrated on me,
and feel for his
that cold lava and burning pleasure.

Until I get sex
as those lovers
that before a naked body
officiated with fervor and beauty
knowing participants in Pan and Aphrodite.
On the inhospitable land,
under the sky silent and absent gods,
advanced for its valleys, hillsides, promontories,
and at the exact instant groan
assault, I break, I occupy
the mysterious cave
the warm shelter
to dwell silent.

Already tired, and cold, and exhausted,
the bodies are separated,
their powers are canceled:
opens a truce on white canvases.

Until a furtive hand slips
by as furrowed skin,
legs intertwined,
meat, muted, gets their voices,
and sex
which a sea out of its quiet,
rises and advances:
I love to body
and lies beside me.

Beautiful insatiable devour reality.

Cover me, love, roof of the mouth
carried away with that extreme foam
Jasmine is who knows and burning,
sprouted in tip of coral rock.

Alóquemelo, love, salt, allocates
Your sharp stabbing supreme flower,
Bending his wrath on the headband
the mordant carnation that wild.

Oh belted flowing love, oh beautiful
borbotar tempered Snow
cave close by as raw,

to look at how your thin neck
are you slipping, love, and you rains
star jasmine and saliva!
A moment. Date: Mar 14th @ 11:32am EDT
The most charming moment of the evening
behind the orange curtain with exquisite .
And the tea table
and a bouquet , roses are unconsciousness ,
Ottoman and striped silk ,
extended skirt , sticking my foot
provocative, waiting till you avecines
my neck, look down
the dark funnel my cleavage ,
hollowed on purpose. Sonrójome
and your fingers start thoughtful caution
my skirt ; delay in deep tunnels
walking sheet and ruffled stars
guipure . Hurry up , come get these
rose as thighs
of spotless vestal veiled . My mouth
overflow in her silky pieces, terse and dense
which lips leaning out my teeth
demanding bite.
gasp your dagger high , and let your kiss
Flowers herald . Hurry ,
unties the ribbons , checks the slope
the tight breast rough , look , touch
pinnacles and its stiff pours your saliva
while I 'm in my legs , your threat .

It is a beautiful body that comes
towards me. He stops . And he smiles .

What a beautiful smile that red and wet
opens , as offered me sex ,
to ask a question I do not understand .

Miro clear eyes . I think , while
your wonderful body late
next to me. This his very near and chest
my breasts and the hair on his crotch .

Be pressed , oppressed by her underwear
I guess sexy squeezing her ass .
And as a sound sweet nightingale
gurgles his throat to my ears.

That incredible body talk to me.
I reply : \"I do not know\" Body departs
I see the body and moves away .

most perfect of all the universe
A few days ago Date: Mar 12th @ 12:21am EDT
You had me sitting on the bench above your legs, you wore blue skirt, both you love, you lower the rack and note your erect penis was very hard as ever and in an instant it covering you with my skirt I introduced her with a sigh . I asked you not you were moving, not delatases what we were doing, I felt so deep inside of me that did not want to hold more and thus stay forever. I started to move very slowly, the heat was stifling, burning me, but is much pleasure that I could not and my beat on you was more anxious, more compulsive, but what I liked most is that both arrived at the same my orgasm yours, I repeat, I feel, do not delay.

Me tenias sentada sobre el banco encima de tus piernas, yo llevaba la falda azul, que tanto te gusta, te baje la cremallera y note tu pene erecto, estaba durísimo como siempre y en un instante cubriéndote con mi falda me la introduje con un suspiro. Te pedí que no te movieses, que no delatases lo que estábamos haciendo, yo la sentía tan adentro de mi que no quería mas que abrazarte y quedarme así para siempre. Empece a moverme muy despacio, el calor era sofocante, me ardía, pero es tanto el placer que no pude contenerme y mi ritmo sobre ti fue mas ansioso, mas compulsivo, pero lo que mas me ha gustado es que los dos llegamos a la par, mi orgasmo, el tuyo, quiero repetirlo, quiero sentirte, no tardes.
slave to my body Date: Mar 12th @ 12:07am EDT
And I found myself naked before you. Your felt through my eyes the irresistible impulse invading my being, that need to feel inside me, deep inside, too deep, without leaving a single inch of your skin. Meanwhile, in your face you could see the fear that ran through your body, you were trembling and you were not able to hold my gaze, then I approached you, for your back and I started to go your whole body with my lips while my hands rested on your member, that he was the only one able to stand firmly in my And I found myself naked before you on this hot afternoon . Your felt through my eyes the irresistible impulse invading my being , that need to feel inside me , deep inside , too deep , without leaving a single inch of your skin. Meanwhile, in your face you could see the fear that ran through your body , you were trembling and you were not able to hold my gaze , then I approached you , for your back and I started to go your whole body with my lips while my hands rested on your member, that he was the only one able to stand firmly in my presence , without trembling if you want. Every time you passed my tongue for some part of your body feels a chill , I know, and I know myself smiling so powerful ... and suddenly you turned your gaze fixedly nailed my eyes trying not to show such weakness, and that was your perdition, and missed them since you became a slave to my body.

this is my favorite story combines romance and a heady senxualidad , a combination that makes me crazy , I hope you enjoy it , and that some day I can make it reality. many hugs and kisses.

Afrodita P
crazy sensation Date: Mar 6th @ 7:17pm EST
You flood me with your fluids
drown me with your multiple senses
you punish me with pleasure.
Your avatar gives me strength
Your penis feed me,
your pure face mesmerizes me
Everything around you is an inexhaustible source of pleasure.
Beside you time stops
and slowly, slowly,
continue to release your scent
I just long for your body
and your progress, I vacuum to be alone.
Walking to ecstasy Date: Mar 6th @ 7:13pm EST
If your lips , if my mouth kissing .
If my hands caress you .
If your voice persuades me .
If my kisses challenge you .
If my insistence increases your heat.

And I tell you I love you dearly .
I love sensual man as you are.
And I invite you to travel to infinity .

sweetly caress
vibrant your whole body,
close your eyes enlightened .
With my aromatic brew
rub your pretty feet.

Nibbling tenderly
your beautiful and pulsating
nipples gently
your thighs Pink
, and rock me with your
blonde hair and your
erotic curls transmitted
your desires desperate
of love.

You mime, you enternezco ,
I mumbled I adore
and caramel and love
I want to leave .

You tell me with all your senses ,
I love you as a man
And you give blindly ,
I offer you love
and you are in my heart ,
another said , another happiness.

If your breasts with my touch expand
Temperature rise and magnify
If your legs intersect to repress
If your arms embracing me strongly
If I tell you I love you
And kiss .....
Your face , your body, your eyes ,
Your nose , your mouth, your ears ,
Your neck , your breasts ,
Your navel , your thighs ...

And between fearful and anxious ,
came tenderly to Mount
the Morning Star ,
to Mount Venus,
with immense joy,
pleasant to see you happily .

And you get excited and persuade me ,
Y. .. I entego me your passion ...
Sigh ....
You tremble , kiss ...
and ... we consume in burning love ...
Caress , rest, you sleep .

Our affection, love , passion and ecstasy
We melted in the indescribable happiness.

If sexuality more unites our hearts
if estremese our souls ,
and sublimates our illusions ,
Never, ever be apart .

Thus, in the sublime passion of love
and the Morning Star ,
we fell in love in every stroke ,
we'll miss each kiss,
and continue perpetuàndonos
our immortal happiness.
Weaknesses! Date: Mar 6th @ 7:09pm EST
Yesterday I blew your name.
Your words caress my mind,
a torrent of dark feelings
Profile of your body slid into me, which overwhelming literature.

That pleasure is greater, the body of man.
Or the warm text of a good book. The sensuality of paper
or rubbing the pubic hair on my lips.

For two such pure pleasure
They are so different ....

And if my two weaknesses join ..........

Hybrid wet pleasure.
take away my clothes Date: Mar 4th @ 9:24am EST
Come browse my naked body
your hands with burning passion
Check my sensitivity
rivers and drown my anxiety.

Browse every part of my body,
that you are willing
Thrill and surrender
your excitement makes me faint.

Acaríciame slowly
make me resurgence
around my waist,
kiss madly,
make me delirious,
Get Involved in my curly hair
and do not leave me never escape.

Look into my eyes
while your hands are down my body
found my darkness
and browse them without misgivings.

Let me feel your firm
causing gasps and sighs without brakes or waits.

Love Me Tonight Love,
I need to feel you inside me now
and enjoy what our
like every night it becomes ...
awaited our meeting.
why wait? Date: Mar 4th @ 9:05am EST
Why wait? ... If you have, if you live, if you feel, if you drink every day.

If you have, when they sense your presence my senses and overwhelm my impulses.

If you live, your silence when they talk to me touching my skin, listening to my breath.

If you feel, when my hands roam your dreams, and your lips touch.

If you drink, when my lips reach the edge of your mouth, and go crazy.

Loca ... that your joy aroma, desprendes in my dreams.

By touch that skin, and my fingers tremble.

For my eyes alert, and my mouth ajar.

Why are my lips ... wish ... I rammed in breaking yours

I'm not to Feel ... No I'm just ... ALL YOURS!
sensations Date: Mar 4th @ 8:58am EST
This desire becomes real need when unbutton your shirt.

I love to know that your body affects me.

I love to know unleash that power.

Your warm panting confessed to my ear is music that changes my attitude in every note. Guide my pleasure for a life path.

Hold me whole. Please do not finish. Save me drowning. Let me eat with your hands.

keep me at the beginning of your legs to make you feel my tongue, my mouth, my hunger only calm your spasms.

I have to think about my love hugging on the threshold of your orgasms. In my finger stuck in your teeth. In our instincts rhythm disorder.

Your fluids flatter me. I called. I asked. I require. They think they're inside me compels me to stop writing.
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